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Save time, money and frustration

More affordable than a CPA

Saves on employee management
Examples: employee health insurance, pension, benefits, liability, legal complications, training costs,
vacation replacements/paid holidays, and sick days

Minimize costly errors with outsourced bookkeeping

Identify opportunities to increase profit margins (quarterly efficiency analysis included with all bookkeeping services)


When you select AD Bookkeeping Services, you’re turning to a company led by Amira Drori, a longtime business insider with deep and diverse experience of 15+ years. Outsource confidently to this boutique Carlsbad bookkeeping service and get invaluable assistance taming the numbers involved in your business. From data entry to number crunching and big-picture issues involved with a small business, AD Bookkeeping Services is the right bookkeeper to have on your side.

Cut The Fuss When You Outsource Bookkeeping

Your Carlsbad small business can cut the fuss and get a big return on your investment when you leave your financial records to our pro team. Among the specific benefits you get:

  • Lower costs over contracting with a CPA
  • Assistance with employee management, including health insurance, pensions, holidays and time off
  • Fewer costly mistakes than if you don’t have a professional bookkeeper
  • Notes and advice on opportunities for more profit – as well as other good moves – as part of your included quarterly efficiency analysis

What Sets AD Bookkeeping Apart

Proud to be your confident, security-minded Carlsbad bookkeepers, AD Bookkeeping Services is the right place to turn for small and mid-sized businesses across Southern California. Foremost, we assign each client a single bookkeeper rather than several – a discreet specialist for each account. This individual is responsible to you and your business, significantly reducing the chance of data compromise.

Secondly, AD Bookkeeping Services allows you to profit from our knowledge and expertise through the efficiency analyses we provide 4 times each year. These carefully prepared documents list wasteful spending and offer advice for streamlining work processes as necessary. The overall purpose is to assist you in simplifying your company and increasing your revenue.

Thirdly, we’re a local company with just one office. When you need assistance at your Carlsbad business, you can always reach out to a real person here in SoCal. We’re available on your schedule to meet in person and talk about your business, adding to the overall value and peace of mind we provide.

Onboarding With This Carlsbad, California Bookkeeper

If your business is ready to work with us, an AD Bookkeeping Services professional is ready to meet with you, offer a custom-designed plan and provide a sensible, no-fuss quote. You’re just 3 quick steps from becoming our client and delivering your number-crunching tasks into our experienced, professional hands.

Here’s how the onboarding process works:

  1. Get in touch for your complimentary consult. There’s no obligation at any time. We hope you benefit from talking to us and enjoy learning how we can assist you.
  2. We’ll help you become our client. We need a few basic details – and our preference is to meet face-to-face with you to help our bookkeeper understand your specific wants, needs and any urgent concerns. From that meeting, we’ll craft a unique plan, provide you options and lay out our affordable fees.
  3. We’ll take responsibility. As we get things moving, expect us to record all of your financial transactions, create for you an easy-to-read monthly statement and balance sheet and generate a valuable quarterly efficiency analysis. We’ll also take immediate action to solve whatever challenges your Carlsbad business faces at the moment so we can get things back on the smart path toward accurate bookkeeping as you go forward.

The Woman In Charge Of AD Bookkeeping Services

After more than a decade and a half on the job in many facets of the business world, Amira Drori founded and opened AD Bookkeeping Services, a customer-focused boutique bookkeeping service for clients in Carlsbad, San Diego and across the SoCal area.

Now, rather than work on-staff with just one company, Drori and AD Bookkeeping Services is available to serve a select client base with careful insight and deep understanding. Southern California is under-served by bookkeepers who can take in the big picture, and this bookkeeping service is filling an available niche with excellence.

Your business can decrease costs, enhance revenue and expand if desired beyond your anticipation with us on your side.

When you contract with our company, expect:

  • Face-to-face client relations
  • Straightforward communication to avert confusion
  • A single point of access for data security and privacy issues
  • Budget-friendly, dependable and rapid professional service.

Alongside her respected team, Amira Drori runs a hard-hitting company that gives clients great value each day.

Why Go With AD Bookkeeping Services For Your Carlsbad Business?

Not sure? Consider again these top benefits of Carlsbad bookkeeping with AD Bookkeeping Services:

  • Accuracy above all else
  • Real numbers for a clear picture of your business success
  • No need to pay for a staff bookkeeper
  • Spend your time focused on your business, not its numbers
  • Get a detailed analysis 4 times per year of right and wrong actions
  • And much more.

How Is This Carlsbad Bookkeeper Different Than An Accountant?

While the terms accountant and bookkeeper usually overlap in casual usage, they’re very different. Bookkeepers maintain the ledgers of a business, including data compiling, expense categorizing, bank statement reconciling and more. Accountants are more often advisers who might handle bookkeeping as well – usually at a very high rate. Accountants might also work on tax prep and tax planning, provide in-depth financial review and offer other services you may not require often.

For everyday financial matters, it simply makes sense to select a Carlsbad bookkeeper rather than an accountant.

And the best bookkeeper in Southern California is AD Bookkeeping Services, people you can trust. Get in touch now for a complimentary consultation and a complete discussion of your needs – as well as our reasonable fees.

Focus on your job.
We’ll do ours for you.