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Save time, money and frustration

More affordable than a CPA

Saves on employee management
Examples: employee health insurance, pension, benefits, liability, legal complications, training costs,
vacation replacements/paid holidays, and sick days

Minimize costly errors with outsourced bookkeeping

Identify opportunities to increase profit margins (quarterly efficiency analysis included with all bookkeeping services)


AD Bookkeeping, run by sole proprietor Amira Drori, has more than 15 years corporate experience to put to work for your company. When you select her and her company as your Chula Vista bookkeeping service, you’re benefiting from a boutique bookkeeper with a deep understanding of how business works – from top to bottom. Equally comfortable with the day-to-day tasks of crunching numbers and the big-picture issues involved in running a successful business, Amira is the bookkeeper you want on your side.

Save And Gain By Outsourcing Bookkeeping

Your Chula Vista business can gain big by outsourcing bookkeeping to us. You save time, money and hassles when you hire an outside bookkeeper, and you get a wide range of benefits, including these:

  • We’re more affordable than dealing with a CPA.
  • We assist you with employee management tasks including health insurance, pension, benefits, liability, holiday and sick day management and more.
  • We help you minimize costly mistakes that are common when you don’t have a bookkeeper.
  • We identify opportunities for increasing your profit margin by including a quarterly efficiency analysis with every bookkeeping package we provide.

How This Chula Vista Bookkeeping Service Works

You’re 3 simple steps away from putting your complex bookkeeping tasks in the hands of a pro who will help your Chula Vista business succeed. Here’s how it works:

    1. Contact us for your free consultation. Of course, there’s no obligation. But we hope you enjoy the chat.
    2. We’ll get you on board easily. We need to know some basic information – and we like to meet with your face-to-face to get to know you and your needs before we take over as your bookkeeper. We’ll form a custom plan of action and tell you about our affordable fees.
    3. We’ll take charge from there. Expect us to record your transactions, generate a monthly income statement, balance sheet and quarterly efficiency analysis – as well as whatever else is necessary for complete and accurate tracking of your business finances.

What could be simpler?

What Makes AD Bookkeeping A Different Bookkeeping Service

What sets AD Bookkeeping apart from other Chula Vista bookkeepers? When you work with us, your account will be handled by one bookkeeper, not several. This discreet professional will be totally responsible to your business – so the risk of compromise of your financial data is minimized.

We also provide a unique efficiency analysis every quarter. In this useful report, we point out unnecessary spending, identify ways you can create a more streamlined work process and much more – all with the aim of simplifying how your business operates while maximizing income and profit channels.

Plus, this is a small, local company with a single office. That means we’re always here for you – and always accountable to you. You can meet with us in person whenever you want, adding to your confidence and peace of mind.

Getting To Know AD Bookkeeping

After a decade and a half in a corporate career that involved many aspects of business – including management, overall efficiency analysis and specific process implementation – Amira took a leap and opened a boutique bookkeeping firm serving Chula Vista, San Diego and the surrounding area.

Now, instead of one company benefiting from her expertise, several companies can directly benefit from her unique insight and understanding of business bookkeeping and processes. The local area is underserved by people and companies who understand the big picture of business and can pinpoint for their clients ways to save on costs, increase revenue and grow overall.

Amira Drori believes in:

  • Personal relationships with clients
  • Direct communication to prevent confusion
  • A single point of access for privacy and security
  • Quick, affordable professional service.

Together with her small, dedicated team, runs a lean business that provides maximum value and effectiveness to its clients.

Why Choose Us For Chula Vista Bookkeeping?

The reasons are many for choosing AD Bookkeeping Services for outsourcing your Chula Vista bookkeeping:

  • You get accurate info that’s essential to tracking your company’s success.
  • There’s no need for a staff person to handle the numbers.
  • Your time and money can go to growing your business rather than handling the details.
  • You get an exclusive, detailed analysis of what works and what doesn’t.
  • The accurate numbers you get can inform day-to-day decision-making.
  • And more.

Chula Vista Bookkeeping FAQs

What service packages do you have available?

We help you choose a customized bookkeeping plan for your Chula Vista business – so it can work your way. As a business owner, numbers are your responsibility whether you’re good with details or not. We can take away the burden of financial data entry, tracking and reporting so you can focus on what you do best.

What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

While the jobs can overlap, bookkeepers are generally chosen for their ability to maintain the general ledgers of a company. This includes data compilation, expense categorization, ledger review, bank statement reconciliation, financial statement generation and similar services. Accountants are advisers, but they may do bookkeeping as well – usually at a much higher price than bookkeepers. Accountants may also handle tax planning, tax prep and in-depth financial analysis or review. In most cases, accountants are much more expensive than bookkeepers and may not be needed by a small business on a daily basis.

When it’s time to get your business books in order, turn to AD Bookkeeping Services, the Chula Vista bookkeepers you can trust. Your free consultation is waiting, and we can discuss your needs in-depth.

Do what you do best.
Let us help with the numbers – something we do better than anyone else.