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Save time, money and frustration

More affordable than a CPA

Saves on employee management
Examples: employee health insurance, pension, benefits, liability, legal complications, training costs,
vacation replacements/paid holidays, and sick days

Minimize costly errors with outsourced bookkeeping

Identify opportunities to increase profit margins (quarterly efficiency analysis included with all bookkeeping services)


AD Bookkeeping Services is built on professionalism and quality service. Depend on us when it’s time to de-stress your life, re-energize your El Cajon business and move forward with challenging financial matters squarely in the hands of an experienced professional. Gain immediate benefits and received expert recommendations and advice about improving your business and its bottom line when you turn your books over to us.

Reduce Your Stress By Outsourcing Bookkeeping

You can successfully de-stress your life while improving your business when you forget about doing books yourself or paying the salary of a full-time bookkeeper and let AD Bookkeeping Services take over your numbers. When you make this intelligent decision:

    • You save significantly over contracting with an accountant.
    • Your employees benefit from professionally handled pensions, health insurance and holiday pay.
    • Your books are mistake-free if there should be an audit or review.
    • You get notes and advice each quarter as part of our unique efficiency analysis.
    • Your peace of mind skyrockets because bookkeeping is one less thing you have to worry about.

Why AD Bookkeeping Is The Best In El Cajon

We can proudly say that our company is the best for your El Cajon business. Don’t you agree?

  • – We serve small and mid-sized businesses in El Cajon and across SoCal with confidence and pride.
  • – Each of our clients is served by an individual bookkeeper, not a group or unit – so we can offer discreet and secure number-crunching without fear of compromise.
  • – Your sensitive company data is safeguarded in every way possible for your protection.
  • – The valuable efficiency analysis we provide each quarter provides you the useful benefit of our experience and advice on matters related to streamlining your finances, simplifying your processes and increasing your revenue.
  • – Having a nearby office means we can always provide the assistance you need from us – on your terms and in person when that works best.

How To Turn Your El Cajon Bookkeeping Over To AD Bookkeeping

When you’re ready to get started and free your time while ensuring quality bookkeeping going forward, we’re ready to help your El Cajon business at AD Bookkeeping Services.

Getting get started with AD involves just 3 easy steps:

  1. Get in touch for an initial consultation. We’re ready to get together with you and create with you a custom plan and also offer you a sensible, uncomplicated quote. Obligation? Not when you meet with us.
  2. Let us in on the details. To begin, we just need is some simple information. We’d like to do this fact-gathering meeting at your El Cajon home or office, but we’re happy to handle this however you want. After this phase is complete, we’re ready to go to work meeting your needs.
  3. We’ll take it from there. You can feel confident in AD Bookkeeping to record your vital business transactions, make you an easy-to-understand statement and balance sheet every month and create a remarkably useful, action-oriented quarterly analysis of your efficiency. We’ll also work diligently to solve any problems your El Cajon company has to deal with right now – with the goal of getting you on the path toward excellence in financial health.

CEO Glimpse: Amiri Drori

Who’s behind the remarkable service, affordable pricing and brilliant positioning of AD Bookkeeping Services? This company is founded and run by Amiri Drori, a longtime insider in business who stepped away from the corporate world with the goal of forming this boutique bookkeeping firm for customers just like you. Now serving El Cajon, San Diego and all of Southern California, there is no other bookkeeper better poised to respond to your needs.

We believe that El Cajon and the surrounding areas are under-served by quality number-crunchers who can advise as well as tabulate, and Amiri Drori has created this company to fill that void with unmatched excellence.

Destress your life, streamline business costs and increase revenue more easily when you allow AD to stand on your side. When you rely on us, expect:

  • Communication on your terms, including face-to-face meetings
  • Total transparency to avoid issues and confusion
  • One contact person for your business to ensure data security
  • Timely and rapid service from an experienced professional.

Why Pick AD Bookkeeping For Your Escondido Business?

Not sure we’re the right bookkeeper for you? Here are some key benefits of putting your El Cajon bookkeeping needs in our capable hands:

  • Quality without compromise
  • Uncomplicated reports for a well-defined picture of your success
  • Not necessary to pay for an expensive staff bookkeeper
  • More time for you to work on your business, not a bunch of numbers
  • Obtain a detailed analysis every 3 months with recommended actions
  • And more.

An El Cajon Bookkeeper Or Accountant?

Truthfully, the words “accountant” and “bookkeeper” quite often overlap in day-to-day usage, but they’re actually two different kinds of professionals with different skills and objections. Bookkeepers, unsurprisingly, “keep the books” by compiling data, categorizing expenses, balancing bank statements and more. Accountants are generally expensive advisers that may also choose to handle bookkeeping as an added service – for a high added cost. Accountants might work on tax prep and planning, in-depth financial reviews and other specialized services.

Most businesses in El Cajon need a bookkeeper under contract and occasionally may want the services of an account.

When deciding on your bookkeeper, go with the best. That means going with AD Bookkeeping Services – built on years of reliability and positive client relationships. Why not reach out now for a free meeting and an honest discussion of your needs and our affordable costs?

You have a business to run.
Let us run the numbers for you.