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Save time, money and frustration

More affordable than a CPA

Saves on employee management
Examples: employee health insurance, pension, benefits, liability, legal complications, training costs,
vacation replacements/paid holidays, and sick days

Minimize costly errors with outsourced bookkeeping

Identify opportunities to increase profit margins (quarterly efficiency analysis included with all bookkeeping services)


It’s amazing to have a real pro on your side. Go with AD Bookkeeping Services and the professionalism and skill of Amira Drori for your business. As someone who has been in the business world for more than a decade and a half, she has amassed experience in many environments. Trust AD as your affordable boutique Escondido bookkeeper and reap immediate benefits, including expert advice you can’t get anywhere else. Leave the number-crunching to us and get on with doing what you do best – without the hassles of doing your own books.

Uncomplicate Your Business When You Outsource Bookkeeping

You can confidently uncomplicate your life and business when you put the numbers related to your Escondido company in the hands of AD Bookkeeping Services. Make that smart decision now for:

  • Significant cost saving over working with a CPA
  • Help with employee health insurance, pensions, holidays and more
  • Reduction in mistakes that happen with certainty if you don’t have a bookkeeper
  • Business notes and useful advice (if you want it) as part of each quarterly analysis
  • Plus… Peace of mind knowing your books are in order.

What Make AD Bookkeeping Superior In Escondido

We’re different – and better – than other bookkeeping or accounting companies in Escondido that you may have considered.

  • – We proudly serve small and mid-sized companies in Escondido and across the SoCal area.
  • – Every client is served by a single bookkeeper, not a team – so we can provide private, secure and discreet service.
  • – Data is carefully safeguarded at every turn for your protection.
  • – The 4-times-yearly efficiency analysis we provide gives you the benefit of our observations, experience and advice to streamline your finances, simplify processes and increase revenue.
  • – Our single office means you can always get assistance when you need us – on your schedule and in person, if you desire.

How To Get Your Escondido Business Started With Us

When you’re ready to take the plunge, free your time and ensure the quality of your bookkeeping, we’re here for you in Escondido at AD Bookkeeping Services.

Getting on board with us is 3 steps away:

  1. Reach out for your preliminary consultation. We’re ready to meet with you and then offer a custom-designed plan along with a sensible, no-fuss quote. You can be sure there’s never any obligation to work with us.
  2. Let us gather basic info. All we need is some simple, basic information to get started. We would like to meet with you in person at your Escondido home or office to get to know your needs and wants, but we’ll work on your terms. After this fact-gathering phase, we’re ready to get started for you.
  3. We’ll take over. You can rely on us to record all business transactions, provide you a simple-to-understand monthly statement/balance sheet and create a useful, action-oriented quarterly efficiency analysis. We’ll also work to resolve any challenges that your Escondido business is facing when we take over – so you can get on the path to excellent financial health.

Founder Spotlight: Amiri Drori

AD Bookkeeping Services was founded by longtime business insider Amiri Drori, a boutique bookkeeper focused on customers and their unique needs. Today, this successful company serves clients in Escondido, San Diego and across the Southern California area.

When working as an employee in the business world, she was able to share her expertise with just one company. Now, through AD Bookkeeping Services she is able to provide competent, friendly service to several select clients like you. Why not let her work toward the success of your company?

The Escondido area is under-served by bookkeeping firms who understand the big-picture issues involved in business success and this company is determined to fill this niche with excellence beyond compare.

Uncomplicate your life, cut business costs and gain revenue more easily when you put AD on your side. When you choose to contract with this company, expect:

  • Face-to-face client relationships designed to ensure confidence
  • Straightforward communication that helps to avert confusion
  • A single point of access to ensure data security and privacy
  • Affordable, dependable and speedy pro-level service.

Amira Drori runs a hard-hitting bookkeeping services company for Escondido and beyond that gives clients great value and service.

Why Pick AD Bookkeeping Services For Your Escondido Business?

Not sure you’re on the right track yet? Think again about these top benefits of placing your Escondido bookkeeping needs in the hands of AD Bookkeeping Services:

  • Accuracy without compromise
  • Simple reports for a distinct picture of your company’s success
  • No need to come up with a salary for a staff bookkeeper
  • Spend your time working on your business, not its finances
  • Receive a detailed analysis 4 times every year on which you can take action
  • And more.

An Escondido Bookkeeper Vs. An Accountant

Although the terms “accountant” and “bookkeeper” frequently overlap in everyday usage, they’re actually quite distinct. Bookkeepers keep the financial records of a business, including data compilation, expense categorization, bank statement reconciliation and similar tasks. Accountants are most commonly advisers who could handle bookkeeping in addition to advising – at a high cost, of course. Accountants might also tackle tax prep and planning, in-depth financial reviews and more.

For simple financial matters, it’s ultra-sensible to select an Escondido bookkeeper instead of an accountant.

And the best bookkeeper serving in Escondido is AD Bookkeeping Services, a company you can rely on. Reach out to us now for a complimentary meeting and a frank discussion of your needs as well as our easy-to-take fees.

Put your focus on your job.
We’ll take care of ours.