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Save time, money and frustration

Founded by a career business person and built on trust, integrity and professionalism, AD Bookkeeping Services brings 15+ years experience in number-crunching to your business. When you make the smart decision to outsource bookkeeping to this Oceanside bookkeeper, you get the inherent value of all these years experience plus the peace of mind and reduction in hassles that comes from releasing the obligation of dealing with financial stats to someone who knows what they’re doing. From data entry and compilation to big-picture advice, we’re here for you at AD Bookkeeping.

Gain Peace Of Mind And Cut Hassles When You Outsource Bookkeeping

Your Oceanside small business can have reduced hassles – and you can have greater peace of mind – when you outsource financial records to the bookkeeper SoCal trusts. Other benefits that come with this excellent decision include:

  • Significantly lower costs than a CPA
  • The assistance you need with employee management issues
  • Fewer mistakes than letting someone inexperienced tackle your finances
  • Quarterly analysis and report of opportunities for greater profit and streamlining

What Makes AD Bookkeeping Unique In Oceanside

Proudly standing apart from the competition, AD Bookkeeping Services is the right Oceanside bookkeeper for just about any small or mid-sized business. When you go with us, the primary way that we’re different from other local and online companies is that we assign your numbers to a single bookkeeper, not a team of people who all have access to your sensitive data. This significantly reduces the risk of data compromise.

How else are we different? A second difference is in how we report to you. Our unique 4-times-per-year efficiency document points out ways you’re wasting your own money and offers real advice you can use to streamline your processes without suffering. The goal? We want to help you simplify and maximize your business.

Also important is that we’re a SoCal company – here for you in Oceanside. As a one-office local company, we’re always available you in person, by phone or electronically – so we can chat about your business or quickly resolve concerns. Nothing adds more to the value of our service than total availability.

Getting Onboard With This Oceanside CA Bookkeeping Service

If you’re ready now to get started with us, we’re ready to meet you, provide a custom plan and generate a sensible, no-nonsense quote. You’re only 3 simple steps away from becoming our client and placing your number-crunching needs with a true pro. Here’s the onboarding process:

    1. Get in touch when you’re ready for a free initial meeting. Of course, there’s no obligation at any time. But we genuinely hope you benefit from speaking to us about better bookkeeping practices.
    2. We’ll make it easy to become our client. We need some basic information, which we prefer to discuss with you face-to-face. But we’ll work on your terms. Your needs, desires and any pressing issues or challenges are our top priorities. From that fact-gathering process, we’ll create your custom plan, provide you the available options and show you our affordable fee schedule.
    3. It’s in our hands now. As we begin improving your bookkeeping, we’ll record all your business transactions, create for you each month an easy-to-read income statement plus balance sheet and create each quarter a unique efficiency analysis. We’ll also go to work to fix whatever immediate challenges your Oceanside business may be dealing with.

Meet The Founder: Amiri Drori

After 15+ years working in corporate bookkeeping and related positions, Amira Drori founded AD Bookkeeping Services – a boutique bookkeeping company serving clients in Oceanside, San Diego and all of Southern California – so she could help more people experience the freedom of well-kept business books.

The SoCal area is under-served by high-quality, affordable bookkeeping companies that can focus on both the small details and the big picture. Amira Drori founded AD Bookkeeping Services to fill that vacant niche and help companies get costs under control, enhance revenue and expand as they desire – beyond even their grandest expectations.

Working with our proven company means:

  • Deep client relationships so you can trust us
  • Smart communication so we avoid confusion
  • Tight data control with a single point of contact
  • Reliable, affordable and quick service.

Why Select Us For Your Oceanside, California Business?

There’s no smarter firm available for Oceanside bookkeeping outsourcing than established, stable AD Bookkeeping Services. Here are some of the reasons businesses trust us:

  • Accuracy comes before everything else, and that’s crucial to your company’s success.
  • You’ll no longer need a staff bookkeeper and to shell out a salary for one.
  • You can refine your focus on dealing with the other issues of your business.
  • You receive an in-depth analysis that has inherent value for your company
  • And more.

Is An Oceanside Bookkeeper Different Than An Accountant?

While “bookkeeper” and “accountant” are terms that overlap in most people’s minds, bookkeepers are usually chosen to maintain the ledgers – or books – of a business. Tasks undertaken involve data compiling, categorizing, reviewing and reconciling as well as financial statement generating and more. Accountants, on the other hand, are advisers that might offer bookkeeping services as well – for a steep fee. Accountants may also handle tax prep, in-depth financial review and other services a business doesn’t need all the time.

For every day, go with a bookkeeper, not an accountant.

Your Oceanside bookkeeper is AD Bookkeeping Services, a proven and trusted company. Reach out now for your no-obligation free consultation and a discussion of our sensible fee plans.

You know how to run your business.
We know how to reduce number-crunching hassles.Place the tedium of bookkeeping in our capable hands…